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Medical mistakes can occur when a physician or other medical provider fails to exercise appropriate care, skill, and treatment necessary to prevent patient harm.  Not every bad medical result is a result of medical malpractice.  Basically, medical malpractice can occur when a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor or other health provider fails to act reasonably, based upon what is expected from similar healthcare providers under the same circumstances.  Probably, the most likely indicator that medical malpractice may have occurred is a dramatically different or unexpected result of treatment or surgery.  An example would be serious brain injury or death following relatively minor surgery.  Another tell tale sign is the failure of the medical provider to give a good explanation for a worsened condition of the patient or for the death of the patient.

It may be vitally important that you consult an experienced malpractice attorney immediately, especially if someone dies, as an autopsy may be necessary to prove that someone was guilty of negligence.  You also may need to see other doctors who will properly treat you and/or document the malpractice.

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If you are injured or a member of your family is injured or dies because of the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other health provider (or if you suspect possible medical malpractice is occurring),  you should keep a detailed written record of everything that happened to you or your relative while in the hospital.  If still in the hospital, be bold and question anything that is wrong.  Demand prompt attention of the doctor or nurse if you or your relative needs attention.  Ask a nurse to double check with your doctor if you have any question about the medication or treatment.  Contact a competent attorney as soon as possible.  Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone who might be a witness.  Do not talk to any insurance adjuster or investigator representing the doctor or responsible healthcare provider without first consulting your attorney.  

 Medical mistakes occur more often then people usually think, and sometimes produce catastrophic results.  Errors involving pregnancy can cause injury or death to both mother and child.  Medical errors occurring during routine surgery can result in a nightmare and a lifetime of suffering and/or death.  Sometimes people go in to a physicians’ office or a hospital for a routine procedure and end up with a horrible result and this can be an indication, but not always, that medical malpractice has occurred.  Sometimes the malpractice is obvious as when the wrong limb is removed or when a surgical instrument is left in the patient following surgery and sometimes it can be more subtle.  Many innocent people are seriously injured or die each year due to medical mistakes.

Misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis can occur with patients experiencing myocardial infractions (heart attacks), aortic dissections, breast cancer, appendicitis, lung or colon cancer or other forms of cancer, and in connection with other conditions.  Unfortunately, the misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis can result in serious permanent injuries and death. Medical malpractice happens quite frequently, but often does not result in an injury.  Unfortunately, on other occasions, medical malpractice can result in serious disabling conditions requiring a lifetime of care or it can result in death. Some of these malpractice injuries are caused by reckless, negligent doctors, or they can be caused by competent doctors who, on this one occasion, were negligent due to carelessness, fatigue, failure to pay attention to detail, being in a hurry, being over worked, or due to other numerous factors.  Medical malpractice can include instances of wrong dosing, failure to communicate or miscommunication, medicine fumbles and/or procedural errors. It can also include intentional misconduct such as assault, including sexual assault.  Our malpractice attorneys deal with the physicians, the nurses, the hospitals, the insurance companies and other parties to determine the responsible parties and to ensure you receive fair compensation for injuries caused by medical malpractice.

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If you believe that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice or a surgical error causing death or serious injury, we urge you to call our law firm to discuss how to approach your potential malpractice claim and determine if you have a case. The Burkhalter Law Firm Tennessee Medical Malpractice Attorneys are available evaluate a potential case and to make sure your rights are protected.   If we accept such a case, we only get paid if you receive a recovery. At The Burkhalter Law Firm will evaluate your potential case and if we accept your case, we will work hard to get you the best possible results.  We only get paid if we obtain a recovery. If you suspect that you or your loved ones have been victimized by medical negligence, please consider contacting us today.  Let us evaluate your case.  You will find our lawyers to be hardworking, straight forward, and competent.  We will fight for your rights!